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2016 Favorites

I can't believe that there are only 2 more days left of 2016. What?! It seems like the years always fly by but honestly I feel like this year has flown by so much faster.. This is a list of all of my favorite things from 2016 ranging from Movies to Music to Television and even fashion.


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The Shallows- This movie was a total surprise for me. it's kinda a girly version of Jaws tbh..but Blake does an awesome job being in a movie with pretty much no cast.. It was a lot of fun and very suspenseful...I highly recommend this movie.

Secret Life of Pets- SO ADORABLE! After watching this it makes want to find my pet and give him a huge hug and never let him go...

Central Intelligence- The Rock and Kevin Hart should be in every movie together... I loved this movie so much! It's hilarious!

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Deadpool- Well this is a no brainer,  I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was everything that you would want in a superhero movie. Ryan Reynolds is much better as a comedic actor.

Zootopia- Another adorable movie, that was just fun and had a lot of really funny moments

Dr Strange- This was a movie I knew really nothing about the characters or the concept of the movie and it was actually really awesome, loved it much more than Captain America Civil War.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them- I am not a Harry Potter fan but OMG this movie was wonderful and I loved the creatures, I really want a Nifler.


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This is Us- I will forever ship Mandy Moore and Milo Ventigimilia. This is the perfect family show and you feel for every character and you always have to have some kleenex on hand because you will cry during at least one point of an episode.

Fuller House- I was a huge fan of Full House and I was so excited to watch this on Netflix and it totally lived up to the expectations. I don't care if the Olsen twins never make an appearance, I just love the jokes about them not being there more. Also they did a great job with making you want DJ to be with both Steve and Matt and I am conflicted with who I want her to end up with..

Lethal Weapon- There is so much to love about this show.. It's not just a procedural show you really feel the bromance between Murtaugh and Riggs. I have never seen the original movies but man they have an awesome chemistry.

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Superstore-Working in retail just makes me have an appreciation for this show. I think it's hilarious and totally something that would happen in real life. The store manager just kills me, he is great!

Younger- The return of Hilary Duff. I am obsessed with her character Kelsey. It's just one of those fun shows that is easy to follow and I am team Josh when it comes to who I want Liza to end up with

 The Good Place- The premise for this show is so weird, but it's interesting enough to keep watching. Very funny and always leaves you wanting more and Kristen Bell.

Super Girl- I was watching Super girl before this year but it had moved from CBS to CW and it's gotten so much better! I completely ship Kara with Mon-El..Plus we get that awesome crossovers with Flash and Arrow. Looking forward to the musical crossover episode next year!

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The Middle- I just got into watching this show this year and OMG why did I not take a chance on this show??! It is just so funny and quirky and this family is so ridiculous but lovable at the same time.

Honorable Mentions:

Zoo- We started watching Zoo during it's second season but we had caught up with Season 1 and it's such a freaky concept of all the animals striking back against the humans and the whole mystery was so intriguing.

No Tomorrow- This is a show that is such a Rom-com but is so adorable. It's sad because this show will probably only have one season, which is fine but I am enjoying the story and it just such a funny charming little show and I really hope every ties together in the end.


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Bruno Mars- All year we never heard a peep out of Bruno Mars and then 24 Kt Magic came out and it is just so freaking good. You have to dance to the song once it's on, it's a requirement.

Chainsmokers- I used to hate the Chainsmokers. Selfie was a horrible song.. but then they redeemed themselves this year. Closer is probably in my top 10 favorite songs of the year. Don't Let Me Down was also amazing.. I just look forward to more from this duo.

Britney Spears- Finally Brit came out with a new album called Glory this year and it was everything... You could actually hear her singing and she experimented with so many different types of music. My favorites off the album are Slumber Party, Man on the Moon, Liar, Clumsy ugh it's just all so good!

Ariana Grande- I know hate is a strong word but I am not a huge fan of Ariana Grande, but her music is pretty stellar this year. Dangerous Woman album is always playing on my spotify.

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Twenty One Pilots-   They remind me of such a throwback band, kinda like 311 where they incorporate hip hop into alternative rock but also a little reggae. Stressed Out and Ride are awesome but Heathens was the one that took the cake.

Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello- Bad Things is probably in my top 5 favorite songs of the year. I don't know what it is but it's a magical song.

Fitz and the Tantrums-  I have heard of this band but never really listened to their music until HandClap came out and it was fabulous!

Daya- I loved Hideaway and Sit, Still Look Pretty. I look forward to hearing more from her

Alan Walker- Faded is probably one of the top songs of 2016 for me, it's one of those songs that's so epic when you hear it. Ugh, so good!

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Honorable Mentions: Former Boy Band Members!!
Justin Timberlake- Can't Stop The Music was the song of the Summer... it was huge.
Zayn- Pillow Talk is just a good song. Like I Would is also a great song but not as huge as Pillow  Talk. His duet with Taylor will probably be a favorite in 2017
Nick Jonas- Close is just... Okay I don't know why I'm honorably mentioning this song because it's prob again in my top 10 songs of the year. It's so good!


Blake Lively- Let's be real, it was very hard to narrow down my favorite looks from Blake. I have to say #1 was the gorgeous light blue princess dress from Cannes but honestly everything I have seen her in this year has just worked all the way from her hair to her shoes. Girlfriend is pregnancy/maternity goals.

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  • Cannes 2016: Vivian Westwood
  • Met Gala: Burberry
  •  The Shallows Press Junket: Versace
  • Cannes: Atelier Versace
  • Cannes: Atelier Versace
  • Arriving to the Today Show: Elie Saab

Gigi Hadid- She was another repeat offender on my list from last year. I just love how cool she is. From looking at her red carpet and street style she really gives off a 60's/70's inspired vibe, like a modern day Brigitte Bardot.

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  • NYFW
  • Street Style in NYC
  • NYFW Tommy Hilfiger 
  • Spike Guys Choice Awards:David Koma

Margot Robbie- She is someone to watch. I watched Focus for the first time this year and I loved her and then she was the saving grace in Suicide Squad as Harley Quinn, I love that she takes a lot risks when it comes to fashion.
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  • Oscars: Diane Von Furstenberg
  •  Legend of Tarzan European Premiere:  Miu Miu
  •  Suicide Squad World Premiere: Alexander Mcqueen 
  • Airport Street Style

Priyanka Chopra- She is a stunning woman who makes versatile choices and makes them work 

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  •  Emmys: Jason Wu
  • SAG Awards: Monique Lhuillier
  • Oscars: Zuhair Murad 
  • Time 100 Gala: ST. studio by Olcay Gulsen

Alicia Vikander- She is another one to watch, I didn't realize that she was the face of Louis Vuitton until I researched the dresses today. lol
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  •  Jason Bourne London Premiere: Louis Vuitton
  •  Golden Globes: Louis Vuitton
  •  Oscars: Louis Vuitton

Lupita Nyong'o- She makes so many wonderful fashion choices and not afraid to play with color, she's stunning!
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  • Queen Of Katwe Premiere: Elie Saab
  • Elle Women in Hollywood Awards: Duro Olowu Jacquard 
  • Tony Awards: Jason Wu
  • Met Gala: Calvin Klein

Honorable Mentions: Kate Hudson and Kristen Bell- These two had to be mentioned, I love both of these looks so much!

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  • Met Gala: Atelier Versace
  • Emmys: Zuhair Murad


  • Primer: Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer- I love this stuff, I have dry skin and it's really moisturizing and the coconut water helps soothe redness when I have it.

  • Foundation: Bliss Exglowsion- I have been really into the glowy foundations/complexion and this foundation was so light and perfect for summer. It's more of a water based serum and never makes me look cakey 
  • Concealer: Tarte Shape Tape- This concealer is no joke. it covers anything and everything.
  • Highlight- Aside from Colourpop highlighters which I enjoy all of them.. I have been really enjoying the Makeup Geek X Kathleen Lights Highlighting Palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit called Gleam
  •   Mascaras: Benefit Roller Lash and The Balm Mad Lash
  • Palette: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette and Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance, I love both of these. I also love my newly Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts palette, those foils are gorgeous!
  •   Brushes: Real Techniques Miracle Sponge- I loved my beauty blender but this one is such an affordable option I would buy these over the original


  • Private Show by Britney Spears: Floral/Fruity Gourmand with notes of Coffee and Dulce De Leche, Nectarine and Jasmine.
  •  Ari by Ariana Grande:Fruity Floral with Marshmallow accord
  • Ri Ri by Rihanna: Sweet Floral Fruity
  • Ouai Wave Spray: I loved using this stuff in the Summer, especially when I want to put my hair in braids and then I spray it in my hair and take out the braids it gives an awesome wave to my poker straight hair.
  • Dry Bar Blonde Ale: I really love this shampoo and conditioner, it really helps to maintain the blonde in my hair and keep the brassy at bay
  • Dry Bar Detox: This dry shampoo is awesome! It smells really clean and doesn't seem to leave a white residue in my hair. It makes it look light and clean
  • Dry Bar  Bay Breeze Hydrating Shots: I really need to purchase these again, I had gotten a sample from sephora and I couldn't believe how soft it made my hair and noticed that it didn't get as tangled as it usually does.

Well there you have it, these were my faves of 2016, and I wish everyone a safe and happy new year! I'm excited for what is to come :)

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