Sunday, January 31, 2010

Products: Lid Neon from Pop! Beauty

I bought this one.. I think last year and I love it! It's bright, It's Matte colors and it's a lot of fun :)With these swatches I used Milk from NYX as a base.

Candy Series: Rainbow Nerds

Today's look is inspired by Rainbow Nerds.. I LOVE Nerds! lol This look was fun to do and bright!

Here's the look:
  • Base- Lid + inner corner- NYX in Horse Raddish, Crease- NYX in Purple, Above crease- NYX in Yellow, Lower lash- NYX in Orange.
  • Lid- the brightest green in the Claires Palette and Lid Neon from Pop! Beauty (green)
  • Crease- The She Space minerals in High Drama (bright purple)
  • Above crease-Lid Neon (yellow) and Taylor Made Minerals in Sunflower
  • Highlight-Hard Candy compact in Dillusional (purple)
  • Liner- Above I used NYX jumbo pencil in Cherry but would have been brighter with Hot Pink.. now that I think of it... on top of that I placed Taylor Made Minerals Afterglow (which is a flourescent pink) and then over the Orange base I used Taylor Made Minerals in Fuzzy Navel (a flourescent orange) and winged it upward and in the inner corner I used the two greens from the lid color.
  • Mascara- Pulse Perfection
  • Flirt! Crazy in Love
  • Face Glow in Sunstone from N.Y.C.
  • Foundation- True Match
  • Lipstick- Smooch from N.Y.C
  • Lip Gloss- a mix of Expressions in Orange Sherbet +Mango Swirl
This is my attempt to being artsy with Nerds.. It took a LONG time to get this many to stick to my lips lol but anyways this was my best attempt :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Golden Raspberries

This is just a random look I did. I met with the admissions at Michigan College of Beauty and I'll be starting classes in the beginning of March.. I'm nervous/excited! Ready to start learning new things and opening myself up to new experiences (cutting and styling hair for starters) lol but it will be good :)

I guess it's like a Golden Rasberries look, if I had to describe it.. I don't know why my eyes look freakishly blue lol

How I did the look:
  • Base- Pixie from Wet N Wild
  • Lid- In the middle of the lid I used two orange colors 1. from L.A. Colors Palette in Fiesta (2nd color) and an orange from Hard Candy Palette in Star. In the inner I used the Yellow from Fiesta palette (1st color) and an eye dust called Lemon from Dash Minerals.
  • Crease- I used 2 pink colors 1. from Claire's palette and another from Lid Neon from Pop Beauty and then in the outer crease I used Beauty Marked from MAC
  • Highlight- Ulta Iceland
  • Mascara- Pulse Perfection
  • N.Y.C Chrome color in Sunstone
  • Flirt! Crazy in Love
  • N.Y.C in Smooch
  • N.Y.C Liquid Lip Color in Pink Sands

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Candy Series: Smarties

I've decided to do a series based on various candies and this one is based on Smarties and it's more of a pastel look.

and here is the overall look:

How I did this look:
  • Base-NYX Jumbo Pencil in Pots N Pans (on lid) and Wet N Wild Pixie (crease and browbone)
  • Lid- Inner- Lid Neon from Pop Beauty (yellow) and L.A. Colors Palette in Fiesta (1st color yellow) and a little bit of Lemon from Dash Minerals. Middle- Fiesta palette (2nd color melon orange) and Hard Candy compact Star and Ulta shadow in Knit. Outer- Hard Candy compact Dillusional (green) and Day To Play (mint green)
  • Crease- Icecicle Moon from Archetype cosmetics (dark gray purple)
  • Highlight- Hard Candy compact (purple)
  • Liner-NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk with a angled brush and winged it out. On top I just used a random white to pop it out. I also used Prestige liquid liner in Pop Star (white) to trace a line. Lower lash line I used inner-lid neon (yellow) and the rest in Hard Candy compact dillusional and lined with Icecicle Moon. With Milk in the waterline.
  • Mascara- Pulse Perfection
  • Blush- Flirt! Heart throb
  • Foundation-True Match
  • I used a blue color from Wet N Wild from Halloween and blended it with Smooch
  • Lip Gloss- Flirt! in Purple Passion

Face Chart: Soft Pause

Today's look is based off Soft Pause from MAC "Red" She Said collection from 2008

Here's how I did it!

  • Base- Pixie Wet N Wild creme pencil
  • Lid- Peachy beige from Claire's palette
  • Crease- Instead of the Danger Zone (red) I used a dark red from Claire's palette and Rimmel Three-sum in Raw, then on top I used a medium copper color from Claire's
  • Highlight- The same peachy color I used on lid
  • Liner- I used Black Bean from NYX Jumbo Pencil and Jessie's Girl black shadow and winged it up. On the lower lash I used NYX jumbo pencil in Pots n Pans, instead of Silverstroke fluid line
  • Mascara- Maybelline Pulse Perfection
  • Foundation- True Match Roller
  • Blush- Instead of Enough Said, I used Flirt! Bronzer in Golden Minx
  • Lipstick-I used Sugar Plum + Ruby from N.Y.C.
  • Lip gloss- I used Bonne Bell kiss this gloss in Pout

Day To Play Palette Swatches!!

This post is for anyone who has not heard of the Day To Play palette from Pop Beauty.
I got this one at Ulta and they actually have other sets for different eye colors, but this one had a bigger color variety in my opinion. It was pretty pricey but the shadows are pretty pigmented and I've had the shadows for about a couple years now so they've lasted long considering the price of $42, which I can say this is my biggest splurge on makeup.

This is the Day side the first and fourth color as you can see I've used up but here's a rundown of the colors I do have:

I used Pixie from Wet N Wild as my base
1. This is actually the second color but like I said I used up the beige color, it's a really pretty mint color, would work as a great highlight or inner corner color. If I could dupe a MAC I would say it's like Aquavert.
2. Another great highlight color. I guess it's more of a pale yellow gold but blends in with my skin tone. Comparable to Amazon
3. Peachy Pink highlight color
4. This one I dupe for MAC's Banshee really pretty dirty rose color
5. I call this cotton candy pink, but more like Playful
6. This color is a purple/gray/pink color
7. Matte beige color
8.Caramel color comparable to Cross-Cultural
9. Taupey gray kinda like Show Stopper
10. Matte Chocolate brown like Espresso

This is the night side.. R.I.P. the bright colored pink... which I lost when I dropped the case :*(

1. Burgundy-Plum, maybe if Sketch and Cranberry had a baby, this would be the color
2. Reddish burnt orange
3. Orange-Copper
4. Bright blue color similar to Freshwater
5. Slightly darker blue
6. Medium green I'd say Meadowland
7. Forest Green, Sub green
8.Dark Blue/teal kind of like Deep Blue Green Pigment
9. Bright medium blue
10. Grey w/ pink sparkles
11. Black with sparkles like Black Tied

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Temptalia: Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay Look

Alright I promise that I can do my own looks.. which I have 3 ideas as of now circulating in my brain.. just have to do them on my face lol but I was running behind today for work so this was my quick inspiration yet again from Temptalia. It's based off the Alice and Wonderland Palette from Urban Decay and here is the original look:

and here's my look:

Here's how I did it!

  • Base- Pixie from Wet N Wild creme pencil
  • Lid- Inner lid, I used Claire's Palette the white/gold color (in the place of White Rabbit)
  • Middle of the lid I used Ulta Lustre, instead of Wonderland,
  • Outer lid I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Horse Raddish and a similar eye shadow color from Claire's palette instead of Absolem
  • In the Crease I used a bright blue from my Day To Play Palette and a blue from L.A. Colors Palette Tropics, instead of Alice
  • Above the crease I used the white/gold substitution for White Rabbit
  • Highlight- I used a pale pinky color from the Claire's palette instead of Drink Me Eat Me.
  • Liner- Instead of using Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Flipside, I used Jordana easyliner in Bliss on the bottom lashline
  • Mascara- Maybelline Pulse Perfection
  • Foundation- True Match Roller
  • Flirt! in Heart Throb
  • Lip stick- Sunset Peach (wet n wild)
  • Lip Gloss- N.Y.C. Liquid Lip Shine in Pink Sands

Temptalia : Stila Jewel Eye Palette Look

Ok when I want a quick look for the day I usual turn to Temptalia for some inspiration. This look here is based off the Stila Jewel Eye Palette but really in these economic times who spends $32 on 4 eyeshadows? We can re-create this look for half that price.

Here's re-creation:

Here's how I did it!


  • Base-Instead of Soft Ochre Paint Pot from MAC ($16.50), I used Pixie from Wet N Wild as my base

  • Lid- on top of that I base I applied NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean ($3.50)with a brush on my lid only, instead of using Blacktrack Fluid line from MAC($15.00). The Black from the Stila Palette alternative is a black sparkly eyeshadow from Jessie's Girl which was $2 at Rite Aide

  • Crease- The closest color I could find for Rose Quartz from that Stila Palette was the last color in the L.A. Color Palette Serenade and these can be found at the dollar store or For Love 21. I bought most of mine online before I knew that lol. Then I had MAC Stars N Rockets ($14.50)already and that goes into the crease, to give more definition but like I said in an earlier post if you have the eye enhancers from Physicians formula you can use the dupe as an alternative. Then you would put Beautiful Iris ($14.50)above the crease. But I used Hard Candy Palette Dillusional (purple) which I got at TJ Maxx for 3 or 4 dollars.

  • Highlight- Instead of Hush I used a peachy-pink color from the Claire's palette

  • Liner- She used Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Lust ($17) and I used Jordana easy liner in Purple Fusion for $1.99 and Beautiful Iris dupe (Purple from the Dillusional Hard Candy)

  • Mascara- Maybelline Pulse Perfection- Blackest Black


  • I used my True Match Foundation Roller

  • Blush- Flirt! Crazy in Love

  • Bronzer- Flirt! Golden Minx


  • I don't have a fleshy beige color but I used Wet N Wild creme pencil in Pixie

  • Lip Gloss- I mixed a clear gloss with Medusa Mineral Makeup in Flamingo to give that purple/pink duo chrome.

Taylor Swift "Our Song" Music Video Look 1

This is part of the Taylor Swift series, I guess.. there's a variety of looks from her that I want to recreate and this is one of them. The green eyed look from Our Song:

Because I had my face already done, I constructed a face chart of how I got the look. I traced a blank face chart on a piece of watercolor paper, which I bought at JoAnn Fabrics.. I think it was 12.99 for 50 pieces, but it's great for experiementing different looks.

and here's the look in real life:


  • Base- Wet N Wild creme shadow in Pixie

  • Lid- I used a green from my Claire's palette mixed with a greenish gold from L.A. Color Palette Gold Rush, then I used Archetype mineral makeup in False Spring and Autumn Leaves

  • Crease- I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Lemon (which is a dark green) spread that out and I used a pencil brush and applied a forest green from my Day To Play palette from Pop! Beauty and focused more on the outer crease. Then I used Ulta eye shadow in Radiant with a larger crease brush blended with the forest green then mixed into the that I used the green gold from Gold Rush palette.

  • Highlight- from the Day To Play it's the yellow gold color

  • Liner- Black liquid liner from Wet N Wild and I winged it out, cause Taylor always seems to do the cat eye thing. and then on the bottom I used Rimmel eye sparkle in Peridot and under the lashline I pretty much mixed all the colors I used on my lid. I also used Sephore midnight black in my waterline, focusing more in the inner corner.

  • Mascara- Maybelline Pulse Perfection in the Blackest Black


  • Foundation- L'oreal True Match Roller in w1-2

  • Cheeks- Ulta cream blush in Girlie

  • Bronzer- Flirt! in Golden Minx


  • Lip Stick- Sunset Peach from Wet n Wild

  • Gloss- It's a gloss that's clearish-peachy.. I can't think of the company

New Lip Sticks!!

I love shopping for cheap lipstick, especially if it's only a dollar! I particularly like N.Y.C Ultra last lip wear and these are the lastest shades I picked up


Air Kiss looks a lot more red in the tube, more of a strawberry color which was still pretty but I was expecting it to be more red.


This color is gorgeous in life, still pretty on camera butit translates more pale than normal.. oh maybe that's because I put a base under it.. lol but still the first time I put this color on it became my favorite.


SugarPlum looks more plum in the tube it looks pink on camera but it's still a pretty color... I know my lips are funky lol I didn't have time to use a liner :\

Monday, January 25, 2010

Best of SAG Awards 2010 Fashion

The glee girls and Kate Hudson were my only favorites..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Wonderland

This winter wonderland scene inspired my look for today:

Here's how to recreate this look:

  • Bases- Inner eyelid and inner corner I used NYX jumbo pencil in Baby Blue. In the middle I used NYX jumbo pencil Horse Raddish and on the lower lashline I used Pots n Pans also from NYX. A little in the crease I used NYX in Pacific.
  • Lid- In the inner lid I used a combination of Jessie's Girl eye dust in Secret Weapon and She Space mineral Mesh and Lace and also in the inner corner and lower inner lash line.In the middle of the lid I used Archetype Mineral makeup in Weeping Willow. On the outer lid I used Archetype in Northern Lights and then a teal color on top from L.A. Colors in Ocean Breeze palette. Then a mix of Archetype in Ghost Dance.
  • Crease- I used Ulta eye shadow in Sapphire and L.A. Color palette in Devious the 1st blue and Ghost dance.
  • Liner- LA Splash Liquid liner in Kryptonite and on the inner lid blue glitter liner from For Love 21. In the lower lash middle I used Northern Lights and on the outer Ghost Dance
  • Highlight- Ulta Iceland + Jessie's Girl in Secret Weapon
  • Mascara- Rimmel Glam Eyes in Black
  • I used True Match W1-2 (w/ the roller)
  • Flirt! Peek-a-blush in Urge and swept Ulta shadow in Iceland a little to give an icy appearance.
  • Ulta lip color in Snow flake shimmer (silver-pink color)
  • N.Y.C. Liquid Lip Shine in Pearl Glow (white w/ a purple blue duo chrome)