Friday, January 15, 2010

New Product: Physicians Formula Eye Enhancers

I bought new eye shadows today at Rite Aide. They are called Shimmer Strips from Physicians Formula. It's from the Pop! Collection where they enhance your eye color, I bought the Blue and Hazel ones even though I do not have Hazel eyes... the colors were gorgeous and I was stunned to find that most of these colors almost exact to MAC brand.. for HALF the price!!! These ones were BOGO 1/2 but still a lot more affordable than MAC...

Here's the product + Swatches:
For Hazel Eyes!

  • I'm sad you can't see the pretty of the first color.. Looks white in life but it has a pinky duo chrome to it... if I had to compare it with a MAC color I would say Seedy Pearl
  • 2nd color is the exact dupe for Stars N Rockets
the 1st on is from the Pop! Collection and the one on the right is Stars N Rockets.. they are pretty dang close.
  • This color is a dupe for Hypnotizing from the Love Lace collection
  • The bright yellow is comparable to Bright Future from the Style Warrior Collection from MAC
  • The second pink is a dupe for Hepcat
  • The next color could be a dupe for Beauty Burst from Barbie Loves Mac
  • Lighter Yellow is a dupe for Crest the Wave (Makeup Artist collection) or Going Bananas
  • Last pink is a comparable to Creme De Violet
  • Last color is the dupe for Cranberry

Left: MAC Cranberry and Right: Pop! Collection

Swatches for Blue Eyes:

  • This first color like the Hazel is a white with a baby blue duo chrome..I would compare it to MAC Cumulus or possibly Moon's Reflection
  • This blue is similar to Atlantic or Climate Blue or possibly Jewel Tone
  • This color is different.. I couldn't find a dupe for it.. maybe there is one out there but it's like a bronze/navy color
  • The Orange would be most comparable to Fire Spot
  • Blue that probably has a dupe but I don't have a particular one in mind
  • This one I keep comparing it to Coppering
  • This one actually reminds me of Moon's Reflection
  • Plumage or Deep Truth on this one

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