Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day To Play Palette Swatches!!

This post is for anyone who has not heard of the Day To Play palette from Pop Beauty.
I got this one at Ulta and they actually have other sets for different eye colors, but this one had a bigger color variety in my opinion. It was pretty pricey but the shadows are pretty pigmented and I've had the shadows for about a couple years now so they've lasted long considering the price of $42, which I can say this is my biggest splurge on makeup.

This is the Day side the first and fourth color as you can see I've used up but here's a rundown of the colors I do have:

I used Pixie from Wet N Wild as my base
1. This is actually the second color but like I said I used up the beige color, it's a really pretty mint color, would work as a great highlight or inner corner color. If I could dupe a MAC I would say it's like Aquavert.
2. Another great highlight color. I guess it's more of a pale yellow gold but blends in with my skin tone. Comparable to Amazon
3. Peachy Pink highlight color
4. This one I dupe for MAC's Banshee really pretty dirty rose color
5. I call this cotton candy pink, but more like Playful
6. This color is a purple/gray/pink color
7. Matte beige color
8.Caramel color comparable to Cross-Cultural
9. Taupey gray kinda like Show Stopper
10. Matte Chocolate brown like Espresso

This is the night side.. R.I.P. the bright colored pink... which I lost when I dropped the case :*(

1. Burgundy-Plum, maybe if Sketch and Cranberry had a baby, this would be the color
2. Reddish burnt orange
3. Orange-Copper
4. Bright blue color similar to Freshwater
5. Slightly darker blue
6. Medium green I'd say Meadowland
7. Forest Green, Sub green
8.Dark Blue/teal kind of like Deep Blue Green Pigment
9. Bright medium blue
10. Grey w/ pink sparkles
11. Black with sparkles like Black Tied

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