Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sandra Dee with a Marilyn twist!

I went to a red hat sock hop with my mother.. when researching their typical look in the 1950s they had a very "peaches and cream" complexion which was perfect for me because I'm white as a ghost hahaha with pale eyeshadow and a pastel or bright lip and matching fingernails.

Here's my look:

Here's what I used:

  • Base- NYX JP in Strawberry Milk
  • Lid- light pink from Physician's Formula for Hazel Eyes
  • Crease- Day to play palette (pink/beige)
  • Highlight-Day to Play (beige)
  • Liner- NYX JP in Black Bean *Heavy liner on top with winged* and use the same pink on the lid as you do on the bottom liner.
  • Mascara- Lash Stiletto


  • Foundation- True Match
  • Blush- The Color Workshop (it came in a kit I bought with 3 different colors striped)


  • Lip Stick- Wet N Wild in Tokyo-a- Pink

* I also used a liquid black liner for my beauty mark :)