Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Geek Chic Cosmetics Swatches

This is my haul from Geek Chic Cosmetics and I didn't actually order these all at the same time but I thought about just posting them all together. A little about this line is that they are 100% vegan and cruelty free which is awesome!! But they have the greatest themes for their collection: True Blood, My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rocky Horror, Dr Who and others. I order the sample sizes and usually they are $1.25 for a good size sample.  

Blues and Greens

From top clockwise:
•Judgement Bolt- it's described as a grey pearl with turquoise sheen, but see more as a silvery-blue. 
•I'm Going Home- inspired by Rocky Horror this is a pretty teal color with vibrant green duochrome. It is not lip safe and is know to stain mildly if not used with base. 
•Glass Cannon-light blue with silver sparkle
•Bigger On the Inside-one of my fave colors!!! Looks teal but really an olive green with gold duochrome. 
•Twilight Princess- really pretty grey green duochrome. Not lip safe. 
•Baby Dragon- another favorite! It's inspired by Spike the dragon from My Little Pony. A mix of green and purple glitter but has a white sheen to it. 
•Ruby Light- Seafoam green with pink sparkles
•Mind Meld- lime green with gold duochrome. Not lip safe. 

Pinks and Silvers
From top clockwise: 
•Mana Battery- White sparkles 
•Don't Blink-Holographic silver
•Luck Dragon-light pink with silver sparkles
•Yay!-baby pink with golden sheen
•Cupcakes!- I call it a Barbie pink but it was inspired by Mlp Pinkie Pie with tons of sparkles. 
•Companion Cube-bright hot pink and lip safe. 
•Touched By Darkness-White with opalescent and purple shimmer. Not lip safe. 
•Sexy In Suspenders- Tan with blue and purple duochrome. 

Purples, Reds and Browns

From top clockwise: 
•Bojutsu Science Adept- Lavender with pink sparkles
•Fabulosity-purple sparkles
•Plasma-green and purple loose sparkles
•Yotz!-Raspberry pink with purple and pink glitter
•N7-red with silver sparkle. Lip safe. 
•Blood Bond- inspired by true blood. Kinda a brick red. 
•Newb-matte pearl nude color. Love this for highlight. 
•Antequarian- copper with gold iridescents. 

Yellows and Oranges
From top clockwise:
•Drood-light orange
•Cowabunga Dude-inspired by Michelangelo from Tmnt. Orange with green sheen
•Cool but Crude- orange with iridescent sparkle
•It Came From Dimension X- pale yellow with pink sheen
•Combustible Lemon- bright yellow with green glitter
•You Have a Destiny- pale yellow with sparkle
•Very Fine Hat- dirty gold

Dark colors and other colors
From top clockwise:
•All Love Is Unrequited-dirty red violet
•Bad Wolf-purple with golden iridescent. Not lip safe. 
•Purity Burns-silver shimmer
•Everybody Lies-blackened emerald. Not lip safe. 
•Humanity's Children-gunmetal sparkle
•Non-Euclidean-sheer black with rainbow sparkle

Left to right:
•Touch Me- candy bubblegum pink
•Strawberry Shortcake-soft red with gold shimmer. 

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