Thursday, July 23, 2015

Review:Cover Girl Out Last Stay Luminous Foundation

The previous post I did was on my overall thoughts about the Influenster box I received, one product in particular is the Cover Girl Out Last Stay Luminous foundation in the color 810 Classic Ivory.  The foundation color they chose for me was spot on and blended really nicely, this foundation is VERY dewy. I've applied this foundation multiple ways and I saw Kathleen Lights apply it with a Real Techniques Sculpting brush and I have to say that is my favorite way to apply the product as well.  The foundation on it's own is not only dewy but I feel it doesn't necessarily dry down on the skin and leaves a very tacky feeling when you touch your face. If you apply too much it feels like a mask on your face and can give up to medium-full coverage, but you can also sheer it out if you used less product. 

This product would not be recommended for those with oily skin, even in the hottest temperatures I have dry/normal skin and it slid around on my face when I did sweat, so I can't imagine having oily skin and using this foundation. I tried using a powder with the foundation which worked better but you could still feel a slight tackiness when you touched the skin.

I also mixed it with Maybelline Better Skin and I mixed it with Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless and I feel it sat better on the skin when mixed with other finishes.

One cool thing about using this foundation is that you kinda get a built in highlighter when using the foundation so that is a nice feature because it does give that skin a glowly apperance.

I really wanted to like this foundation as a stand all product but I feel like it needs additional tweaking from other products to get the desired look. 

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