Thursday, March 9, 2017

Holy Trolls!

You guys I am so obsessed with the new Trolls eye shadow palette by PUR!  When I first saw the release for this I was a little underwhelmed and thought it wasn't something I would have been into because the Cinderella palette wasn't terrible but I am not a huge fan of the PUR shadows in the Selfie palettes but this one is pretty impressive, I'd say the pigmentation rivals the Anastasia Beverly Hill shadows, dare I say that! This palette is so much fun because while it's more of a normal palette it has these beautiful pops of color. Poppy is an intense shade of pink that I adore, DJ Suki is a bright orange, Guy Diamond is this beautiful duo chrome shade... I seriously need to do swatches on this palette..

Lorac came out with 6 new satin lip sticks in really cute names, still very fitting with the "alter-ego" branding. I actually bought two of the six shades in Snow Bunny and Granny and oh my goodness these lip sticks are so creamy and moisturizing and I find they actually stay on for quite sometime.

Side note, well maybe not, because it's about Trolls still but I just recently saw the Trolls movie and it is so freaking adorable I can't even handle it! It's funny and random and I'm all about it!

Here's my look:

 Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg
Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Here's my look:

  • Base- Cargo HD Picture Perfect Primer
  • Lid- PUR Trolls Palette in Karma
  • Crease-Wisdom, DJ Suki, Fuzzy and Bergentown 
  • Highlight- Bridget
  • Liner- On top I used Cargo Swimmables liner in Shelley Beach and on the bottom lash line I used DJ Suki and Karma in the inner portion of the lower lash line.
  • Mascara- The Balm Mad Lash
  • Primer- Lorac 3 in 1 Illuminating Primer in Dawn
  • Foundation- Lorac Sheer Porefection
  • Concealer- Bliss Undercover Secret Concealer
  • Blush- Balm Highlite N' Con Tour Palette in 0dB
  • Highlight- Balm Highlite N' Con Tour Palette in 64hz and 20db for my Contour shade
  • Lorac Satin in Granny

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