Friday, November 11, 2016

Balm appetite!

Have you ever seen a palette that you had to have, not because of the product or the colors, but the names of the products? Well I am a huge sucker for palettes or eye shadows with funny or pop culture inspired names and The Balm just came out with the cutest palette I have seen! It's called the Balm Appetite palette and in true Balm fashion they have another palette with guys on them but it's not the reason why I wanted this palette. it's the names of the shadows especially if one was called Chris P. Bacon or Hal Apeno-Popper.. see where I'm going with this? Pun names based on food, genius!

Here's my look:

Here's what I used:

  • Base- Cargo HD Picture Perfect Primer and The Balm Batter Up pencil in Curveball
  • Lid- The Balm Appetite Palette in Chris. P Bacon
  • Crease- Lorac Pro 3 in Terra Cotta and Clay and The Balm Appetite Palette in Ray Sinbread and
  • Highlight- Bruce Shetta
  • Liner- On the lower lash line I used Ray Sinbread and Chris P. Bacon with Hal Apeno-Popper in the inner corner
  • Mascara- The Balm Mad Lash
  • Primer- The Balm Time Balm
  • Foundation- Bliss Exglowsion
  • Concealer- Bliss Undercover Secret 
  • Blush- Lorac in Tinge
  • Highlight- The Balm Marylou-manizer
  • Contour- Lorac Pro Contour Palette 
  • Bronzer- Pur Selfie 2 in Photogenic
  • The Balm Meet Matte Hughes in Honesty

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