Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Masks at the Carnival and other Enchanting Looks

If I could pick my favorite palette for fall I would definitely use The Cargo Venice Enchantment palette, I have used this so many times in the past couple months and I feel like you could do endless amounts of looks. I also have been loving their Gel lip colors also inspired by Venice, Italy. I put two different looks in this posts along with what I used.

Here's the first look:

Things I used:

As always I used the Cargo HD Picture Perfect Primer and then in the Lid I used Mask and used Carnival in the crease with a touch of Canal in the inner corner of the eye. I also used Lorac Front of the line pro in Dark Brown on the top and bottom.
For my lip color I used Cargo lip Gel in Bella? I think.

Second Look:

On the lid I used Gilded, then I used Carnival in the outer portion. I the crease I used Lido and Rialto, On the lower lash line I used Carnival and Gilded in the inner portion with Canal in the inner corner.. I used Lorac Pro Liner in Dark Brown for my winged liner.  For my lip color I used Cargo Gel Lip Color in Felice.

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