Sunday, September 12, 2010

Officially a Senior!

For the past couple weeks I've been taking my hair cutting class which at the start I was super excited and then that excitement turned into frustration because I just wasn't getting it. First of all I'm left handed when it comes to using the scissors so everything is basically backwards for me. I started with my blunt cut (zero) and it was fine until I kept cutting my stationary guide making everything lop sided in spots. Then my 45 degree cut was worst because I couldn't figure out how to use even tension when making my angles which led to get really discouraged and scared about cutting because I felt that I just wasn't ready to go out there...

Then we started the 60 degree and things clicked again and I finished with my 90 degree cut and my teacher as well as my self saw that I was improving. So yesterday I stepped away from my mannequins and I got to do my first cut and my first men's cut which was basically using the scissor over comb method, which I picked up no problem but it was so nerve racking!!! But in the end no blood was shed and there were no tears and his hair looked awesome.. so now I can proudly say that I'm ready to go out on the floor now :)

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