Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color and Speed Glosses: Swatches

I love these Mega Last Lip Colors!!! All of them are Matte colors and all of them are pretty in their own way.. and they actually stay on for a while.. it took me a while to get these lip swatches off my arm lol

PinkerBell- It's a great coral pink almost a salmon
Doll House Pink- bright cool toned pink
Sugar Plum Fairy- Burgundy Purple
24 Carrot Gold- Bright orange.. almost like a MAC Morange color (this picture does nothing for the color tbh)
Red Velvet- Bright Red
Stoplight Red- Red with a slight pink tint

These Speed Glosses are great, they have a refreshing minty taste and give your pucker some sparkle and shine.

Frenzied- Really unique gold/carmel/peach color
Untamed- Bright pink

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