Thursday, December 18, 2014

#TBT Weddings This Year: Lauryn and Alicia

This year I had the opportunity to work two weddings this year. The first one was back in March at Castle Farms in Charleviox, her theme was Alice in Wonderland so it was very cool!

For this wedding I not only did the brides makeup but I also did the rest of the girls and the Mother of the Bride and I used most Urban Decay products including the Naked and the Naked 3 palette. 




Lauryn and Jeremy Bennett 3/29/14 <3

The second wedding was actually my boss's daughter Alicia and it was on my birthday! I also did her sister Ashley's makeup and my boss Becky's makeup and I helped out with Alicia's hair too


They boh didn't want a ton of makeup so we did a toned down look for both of them and most of the things we used were also Urban Decay.

Jeff and Alicia Hibbs 5/18/14 <3

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