Friday, April 9, 2010

New Products! Hard Candy, Jordana, and Sally Girl

It's been a while but I got some new makeup products!! So newsflash to me but Wal-mart now sells Hard Candy products! I picked up an insanely bright liner, and 3 shadow sticks

Left to Right: Hard Candy Take Me Out Liner in Ahi (which is like a neon green pencil) Metallic Shadow Stick in Spirited (Gold) Radiant Shadow Sticks in Whimsy (pinky-purple) and Pop (Apple Green)

I also picked up some Jordana products: Glitter Rocks Liner

L to R: Rock On Silver and Rockabilly Brown... these are great eyeliners!!!

Sally Girl
I picked up some Luxe Lip Gloss and some Mini Lip Glosses and a Baked Eye shadow
These didn't have names so it's #388457, this one is a baby pink color that goes on light but it's pretty.

This one is #388460, it's like a peachy nude with pink sparkles but kinda hard to see in the photo

Sassy- Looks more pink but the bottle makes it look more salmon and brighter.. which it wasn't.

So Disco- it's like a frosty peachy nude. it looks really pretty on but again the bottle made the color deceiving.

Baked eyeshadow REALLY pretty on!!!! It's exactly the color it looks.

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