Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween: Green Witch

My mom wanted to be a witch for Halloween and this is what we ended up with...

Things I used:

NYX JP in Milk- Middle of brow bone going out to the sides of face in a point
She Space Minerals in High Drama- at the base of the white bring it up to where it fades into white
NYX JP in Purple Velvet at the base of the purple we just put down
She Space Minerals in Twisted Psycho- on the top of Purple Velvet blending with the light purple
NYX JP in Horse Raddish- on the eye lid
NYX Trio in Serengetti (middle color)
NYX JP in Purple Velvet under the eye with Milk on top of the waterline

White Face Paint
NYX Trio Serenghetti (Middle Color)
and (3rd color) on cheekbones to define
NYX Black Bean-For eye brows

NYX in Chaos

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