Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taylor Swift "Mine" Music Video Look

Ok so I think I've gotten all the Taylor videos covered, with the exception of Beautiful Eyes and Love Story, which I still plan on doing.

Here's my look:

Here's what I used

  • Base- I used my True Match foundation
  • Lid-I used Day to Play palette (5th color on day side) with Ulta in Elegance
  • Crease-Day to Play palette (6 and 7 on day side) with Ulta in Toast
  • Highlight- Day to Play (matte neutral)
  • Liner- Black Bean on top and bottom, with neutral matte color on the lower lashline
  • Mascara- Define a Lash with Demi False lashes
  • Foundation- True Match
  • Bronze- Golden Minx
  • Blush-Urge from Flirt!
  • Powder-Skin Sheer Minerals
  • Sally Girl Lip Gloss- 388379 Pink


  1. Love the beautiful eye makeup! very nice :)

  2. Thank you so much! I couldn't part with the false eye lashes just yet lol