Friday, October 22, 2010

Hallowen: Cheetah

So thinking about doing different looks this halloween, I decided on being a cheetah, I had thought about doing an inspired look from Top Model, when Naima was a high fashion cheetah.... but then I thought, well this isn't really a look that could wow people so I youtubed some stuff and came across Petrilude's tutorial for the leopard, and seriously this look he did freaked me out because he looked like a real cat!

So this what the look started out as for school:

And it transformed to this:

Things I used:

NYX JP in Milk for Highlight (You could actually cover your whole face with this)
Bronze Booster in Light-Medium for contrast (Sculpt the cheek bones and use of the outer parts of the forehead and jawline and above the bridge of the nose)
NYX JP in Black Bean for Crying Lines,Nose
LA Colors in Ammunition (5) on top and also for spots
Liquid Liner for whiskers

NYX JP in Gold
Ulta in Toast
Estee Lauder in Copper Penny
Black Bean for liner
Ammunition (1)

Wet N Wild Black Lipstick


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