Thursday, December 1, 2011

Movie Looks:Black Swan

 During the Thanksgiving break I finally got to catch up on my movie watching, we had all the movie channels free for the weekend and these are the times that I'm very thankful for DVR lol
In my downtime, I got a chance to see Black Swan. I have to say it was a very.. uh.. interesting movie. I have to say I would have enjoyed it a lot more if there hadn't been so much graphic sexual content. Just not my cup of tea I guess.. but I have to say I really loved Natalie Portman's makeup and I will be doing both looks..... This one was for the White swan..

Here's my look:

Here's what I used:

  • Base- Wet N Wild Idol Eyes in Pixie
  • Lid-  Ulta in Lustre, Archetype Minerals in Soap Bubbles
  • Crease- Day to Play palette (med brown, tan) and gray
  • Highlight- Dtp (matte beige), I used NYX JP in Milk in the inner corner and outer corner and in the outer corner I used Soap Bubbles and in the inner I topped with Ulta in Iceland
  • Liner- NYX Skinny Marker on the top, and on the bottom I used the tan and gray colors in the crease
  • Mascara- Maybelline Great Lash BIG
  • Foundation- I used True Match, in the day time because I didn't have a white face walking around in the public lol but I used a cream white makeup from a Halloween kit and then I swept NYX Shadow in matte white
  • Blush- Hard Candy in Living Doll and Ulta shadow in Chianti
  • Estee Lauder in Rose Tea

Stay tuned for the Black Swan........ :)

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