Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ashley Tisdale "CW Upfront" Look

So I have a lot of random Celebrity looks stored up on my computer that I will someday try to recreate, a lot of material actually and other random inspirations in store.

So anyways this is a look from Ashley Tisdale, she always looks so put together and glamorous, she wore this while at the CW Upfront event. I'm going to go on a mini tangent... I can't wait for fall!! Gossip Girl is coming back, OTH, GLEE, 90210, BONES, and new shows like Hellcats, starring the Tiz herself which I'm pretty excited for.

Here's my look:

Here's what I used:


  • Base- I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Pots N Pans on my lid and Jumbo Pencil in Milk on the inner corner.

  • Lid- I used Ulta in Iceland, on the outer corner I used Ulta in Twilight and Plum Smoke

  • Crease-Twilight, Plum Smoke and MAC Beauty Marked.

  • Highlight- Ulta in Lustre

  • Liner- NYX Jumbo Pencil in Slate on the top. On the bottom waterline Almay in Black, then on the lash line I used Twilight and Beauty Marked (to make that purple-burgundy color)

  • Mascara- Falsies


  • Foundation- True Match

  • Blush- Urge from Flirt!

  • Bronze- Golden Minx from Flirt!


  • Lip Stick- I used NYX lipstick in Baby Pink

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