Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MAC Face Chart: Bamboo

Today's look was inspired by the Face Chart Bamboo.

Here's my look:

Here's what I used:


  • Base- Instead of using Coral Crepe Paint Pot, I used Rimmel Shadow Pencil in Eyeful?

  • Lid- On the lid, instead of using Cut To Fit, I basically used a bunch of colors from the Claire's palette, the look your really going for is a Red-Orange bronze color.

  • Crease- It was strange to me that they never used Bamboo in this Face Chart, so I used my Bamboo dupe in the crease, which was Dulce from the Color Workshop (Ipod looking thing)

  • Highlight- In the inner browbone they ask to used TissueWeight and Memorabilia, now I used a Pink/Beige from Claire's Palette and Egg Plant from Sally Girl

  • Liner- I used Almay black on top and bottom lashlines

  • Mascara- Falsies


  • Foundation- True Match

  • Blush- Instead of Light over Dark, I used Ulta shadows Antique Gold and Terra Cotta


  • Lip Stick- Instead of Archetype, I used NYX Lip stick in Iris

  • Lip Gloss- Instead of C-thru gloss, I used NYC Liquid Lip Color in Pink Sands

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