Friday, March 5, 2010

MAC Face Chart: Big Bow

I was very indecisive in doing this look.. because there's not a lot of color to the eyes.. I like more of a dramatic intense eye look.. so this was new for me lol Big Bow was yesterdays look.

This was my look:

Here's how I did the look:

  • Base- Pixie from Wet N Wild
  • Lid- Instead of using Seedy Pearl, I used Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips for Hazel Eyes (1st white/purple color) then in the inner and center lid instead of Creme Royal I used Color Workshop shadow in Sand and on the outer eye lid, I used Paradisco by MAC which is what it calls for.
  • Crease- Paradisco lightly in the outer crease
  • Highlight- Instead of Creme Royal, I used Sand again
  • Liner- Top- Instead of Her Glitz liner (black/gold) I used Archetype Mineral in Ornaments of Gold wet and the lower lash line in the outer I used Paradisco and I added a soft brown liner (Jordana) in Lavish Brown
  • Mascara- Pulse Perfection
  • Foundation- True Match
  • Bronzer- Golden Minx from Flirt!
  • Blush- N.Y.C Chrome Color in Sun Stone instead of Tahitian Sand
  • Lip Sticks- Instead of Big Bow I used N.Y.C. in Blue Rose
  • Lip Gloss-Instead of Sweet Strawberry I used my mixture of Clear gloss and Medusa makeup in Flamingo

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