Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Layout Coming Soon...

I want to separate myself from the generic makeup blog templates.. I don't know when and I don't know how but someday.. lol

So this past Tuesday I began my first day at Beauty School and it was quite the experience, there's I think like 8 or 9 other girls and only one other newbie besides me. We recieved are books and kit and the Kit is like a freaking suitcase filled with anything you can imagine (flat iron,curler,blow dryer, rollers, stuff for highlighting, all kinds of combs and brushes and a shaver and two manakin heads.. one which I call Babs (or Barbara) and Kimmie (Which I think I'll call Blair cause she has brown hair and brown eyes) Speaking of Gossip Girl, it returned this past Monday and it was great! Some awesome CHAIR scenes and loved Jenny's makeup which in the future I will do a tutorial for. I will!.... Ok getting back to school.. The first day we started on Perms and I had to use Babs and wet her hair, put it in sections and then roll the curlers with end wraps.. which was difficult to do in some areas and it took a while to get the two papers to cooperate with the sections of hair being rolled. Time went by really fast for being a 4 hour class and I finished up just before it was time to go. Tonight I go back and we are learning another type of perm.. my mom will be happy, because she gets perms all the time and if I do a good job she'll let me give her one and pay me hopefully lol

After I got out of school I tried to start my car and put it in Drive but the gear shift was really smooth and didn't transition into the gears.. so I called my dad and he picked me up and took me home, then my Fiance picked me up and drove me out to where my car was to figure out what happened to it.. and the poor guy had a long day as it was with school and work and he drove me out to fix it and but we didn't fix it so my car as of now is not drivable which really sucks. because there's only one car between the 3 of us as of now..thank god my parents are on vacation so I can drive to work and school when I need to... Sorry for my rants haha but I never have luck with cars. Never.

I have a new obsession with the Scriprt song "Breakeven" it a really pretty song.. the are deep and relatable and I feel there's a lot of passion in the singers voice. It's just one of my favorites right now.. Ok I know I'm rambling.. and I like to use ..... a lot

I have a new makeup series in the works... My Little Pony. J'adore MLP.. when I was younger I collected them all, actually they are all still in the basement and last time I counted I had 500 of them. I think I'll always have a soft spot for them..anyways lots of great stuff coming <3

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