Friday, March 19, 2010

My Little Pony Series: Gingerbread

Today's look was inspired by the My Little Pony named Gingerbread, another twinkle-eyed pony, with a white body and a mane (pink,light purple,purple and teal)....I'm thinking that from now on Fridays are My Little Pony days.. because I don't have work or school and can wear whatever I want to lol

Here's my look:

Here's how I did it:

  • Base- all over lid and inner corner: NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, Inner: NYX JP in Strawberry Milk, Middle and Outer: Maybelline Cool Effect in Lilac Freeze, Lower Crease: NYX JP in Baby Blue + Jordana Easyliner in Bliss, Upper Crease: NYX JP in Purple. and Milk on lower lash line
  • Lid- Inner Corner Ulta Shadow in Iceland + The Color Workshop in Blanc, Inner Lid- Ulta in Pink + The Color Workshop in Honeymoon, Middle- The Color Workshop in Velvet
  • Crease- In the lower crease I used Day to Play Palette (5th color blue) and the top crease I used L.A. Color Palette in Devious (purple)
  • Highlight- Ulta shadow in Iceland
  • Liner- Black Liquid Liner + on top I added a sparkle liner to match her eyes, I used Milk on the water line and on the lower lash line I used the blue from Day To Play and the purple in a thin line
  • Mascara- Pulse Perfection
  • Foundation- True Match
  • Bronze- Flirt! Golden Minx
  • Cheeks-Flirt! Crazy in Love
  • Lip Color- Flirt! Plushious Lip Color in Purple Passion

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