Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inspiration: Butterfly

The inspiration for today is this picture of a butterfly, which I think could be an Owl butterfly from looking up species of butterflies but anyways...

This is the look I came up with:

Here's how I completed the look:

  • Base- NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yellow on the lid
  • Lid- In the inner lid I used She Space Mineral pigments in Killer Bees, in the middle part of the lid I used She Space Mineral Pigment in Fire and Brimstone and on the outer lid I used also from She Space Mineral Pigments in Hot For Chocolate.
  • Crease- I used with a big blending crease brush She Space Mineral Pigments in High Drama mixed with NYX Deep Purple and Purple eyeshadows and Hard Candy compact in Star (top color) in the outer crease with a pencil brush I used Ulta in Brass and Day To Play palette from Pop Beauty (dark brown) and above the crease I blended in a duo chrome from the Hard Candy palette in Dillusional (purple)
  • Highlight- Ulta shadow in Bone and Rimmel duo eyeshadow in Special Eyes (white gold)
  • Liner- On the top lid I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Dark Brown and winged it out, on top of that I added dark brown shadow (dtp pallette) on the lower line I used Dark Brown and on top of that I used Hot For Chocolate. In the waterline I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Gold
  • Mascara- Pulse Perfection
  • Foundation- Ture Match
  • Blush- Flirt! blush in Heart Throb and I also used She Space pigment Fire and Brimstone
  • I just used Flirt! Plushious liquid velvet lip color in Purple Passion

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