Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mac Face Chart: Kumquat

This was my look for today based off the MAC Spring 2 Forecast Collection which is all about Oranges and Corals and luckily I took pictures right after I did this look because I went and saw Dear John today and basically bawled my eyes out and smeared my makeup lol so anyways.. here's the look:

Here's how it's done...
  • Base-I used Wet N Wild creme pencil in Pixie all over my lid and browbone
  • Lid- In the inner lid, Straw Harvest is supposed to be used.. kinda a yellow orange color, so I used L.A. Color Palette in Carnival (1st looks yellow but comes off as a yellow orange. Then in the outer lid, instead of Perky (light pinkish salmon color) I used Think Pink a eye shadow from Revlon
  • Crease- as a substitute for Hot Hot Hot (described as an orange with reddish tint) I used two colors.. a red from the Claires Palette and L.A. Colors Palette in Fiesta (3rd color) and then with a pencil brush I used a dark brown from my day to play palette to define it more.
  • Highlight- Instead of Nano Gold I used a white gold from the Claire's palette
  • Liner- Top and bottom liner I used Jessie's Girl shadow in black, instead of Carbon and then in the lower lash line I smoked it out and added Sephora Eye Kohl in Midnight Black.
  • Mascara- Pulse Perfection
  • Foundation- True Match
  • Blush- instead of using Ripe Peach Ombre blush which looks like this:

I used a mixture of Flirt! Blush in Heart Throb which matches the middle color and then I used Ulta shadows in Bermuda Sands, Seashell, and Knit and made my own ombre blush

  • Lip Stick- Instead of using Colour Me Coral I used Wet N Wild color Sunset Peach
  • Lip Gloss- Instead of using Kumquat (orange gloss) I used an orange gloss called Orange Sherbet

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